Construction Plan Sharing Made Easy

PlanShare provides professionals in the Construction and Contracting Industry the ability to collaborate efficiently with cost effectiveness in mind using a simple, but powerful user interface.

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All new UI, All New Features

PlanShare increases productivity by enabling instant collaboration between people in the field and at the office. All content is stored automatically in the PlanShare Cloud and can be downloaded to mobile devices for offline editing and viewing.

Enterprise Level

Sync PlanShare project data to your own internal network infrastructure. Inquire for details

Unlimited Project Files

Add Unlimited Files, Pages, and other media to your PlanShare Projects.

Easy Collaboration

Share PlanShare projects with anyone, on any device.

Showcased Tools

One of the most powerful tools integrated into the PlanShare app is the ability to easily add markups to plans.

Simply press on the area of the plan where you find a problem, describe it, then hit save! All participants in the project are immediately notified of any additions or corrections made.

Work Offline

Take your work with you, no internet connection needed! All PlanShare projects can be downloaded to your device for use at any jobsite.

Real Time Notifications

PlanShare uses push notification technology to instantly notify all members of a project when a document has been updated.

Markups & Annotations

User friendly tools allow you to quickly point out issues or problems in your plans with team members by adding annotations and markups.

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